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There is nothing revolutionary about crDroid, unlike some of the other ROMs on the list. This custom ROM does not allow the user to change a lot of features. It simply allows us to make small changes to the stock Android ROM. However, it is still one of the most popular ROMs in the world because crDroid is perfect for people who do not want to change too much. The developers are constantly updating the ROM to make sure it supports outdated devices. CrDroid is the perfect option for people who do not want to lose the stability of stock Android. Based on the Google AOSP source code, LineageOS supports over 200 Android devices.

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Most Of the AOSP Based Custom ROMs are stock firmware ROM bloatware free and have very close to the stock look and feel which makes them super snappy. As the name suggests, this ROM will help you resurrect your POCO F1 phone again. The optimizations available on this ROM is to keep the OS battery-friendly. POCO F1 is powered by a processor of Snapdragon 845 along with RAM of 6/8 GB. It features a 6.18” display and owns a dual-camera setup of 12 and 5 MP. The MIUI for POCO F1 was explicitly optimized for POCO, which is not a light UI, thus, not liked by all users. Hence, to meet the user demands, Custom ROMs are designed as per their choice.

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So, if you want to purchase Android devices for your employees with security tuned in, this can be worth considering. The most significant outstanding feature is that the eFoundation (which is behind /e/OS) provides you with a free ecould account (with 1GB of storage), instead of needing to use your Google account. LineageOS even supports Nvidia Shield TV and Jetson Nano (one of the best single board computers for AI and Deep Learning projects), if you have one. Flashing a custom ROM on your device may violate the warranty, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind. In this case you must read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.

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  • Custom ROM is a uniquely modified firmware developed and built by a third party vendor.
  • One example is DerpFest for Oneplus 5T, in which they offer a pure Pixel experience but with lots of stable features and functionalities.
  • You can invest in a broad market index or ETF, which tracks a broad selection of stocks all from your Romania stock trading platform.

In a nutshell, a custom ROM is a third-party operating system that replaces the factory-installed stock ROM or skin on your phone. The added functionalities of Havoc-OS include tons of mods for the Status bar, buttons, lights, gestures, and other various configurations. While at times, it lacks stability, I can surely say that it has the maximum customizability features.