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Costa Rica Wedding Customs

Costa Rica wedding ceremony traditions are a one of a kind and delightful addition to any kind of tropical vacation spot wedding party. From the approach brides attire to the music that plays at the reception, these kinds of traditions will let you celebrate a truly real Costa Rican wedding knowledge!

The Bridal Clothing

A Costa Rican star of the wedding would wear a traditional white-colored gown that symbolizes purity and the love she gets for her groom. A veil is also worn by simply Costa Rican brides as a image of her commitment with her husband.

The Groom’s Shirt

In Costa Rica, it is actually tradition for the groom to decorate a white-colored tee shirt that has been stitched by his bride-to-be. This basic act of dedication signifies his determination to her and their future together.

Gifts designed for the Few

In many countries, family and friends will deliver the couple a meet women in costa rica gift as a part of their wedding ceremony. In Costa Rica, this is a common practice and that typically includes a bridal bouquet of blossoms.

The Ring Exchange

In a Playa Rican wedding, it is actually traditional just for the bride and groom to exchange their rings during the wedding. This sign in the couple’s commitment to each other represents hope, pleasure, and abundance for their relationship.

The Recessional Show up

At a Costa Rican wedding reception, it is a common practice pertaining to the groom and bride to flow together. The dance is called the money boogie, and guests pin money to the woman or groom’s clothing. The money is then collected and gifted to the couple as a way of starting the new life together.

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