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Internet dating Safety Tips

In the period of information breaches, scams and personality theft, it feels like online dating should be a scary task. But right now there couple of things you can do to make it safer.

For starters, hardly ever share the real identity or other personal information online until you have met someone in person regularly and feel comfortable that they will be who it is said they are. This also is true of your email address, phone number and work or perhaps home address. If you’re a parent, be cautious about writing details about your children on your own profile or perhaps in early communications (including their particular names and ages) unless you already know the other person very well and trust them.

Another tip is to avoid photos on your own dating account that display identifying features such as your face, hairstyle, clothes or location. It can be possible for predators to do a reverse photograph search on Google to look for you and actually your place of work or community. It’s the good idea to limit the use of software that give apart your real-time location, just like WhatsApp or Telegram. Instead, apply apps that mask your location like Life360 to share the locations only with trusted friends or perhaps family members.

It’s also important to understand red flags which could signal that a date is dubious or provides nefarious motives, such as guilt-tripping, pushiness or hot-and-cold behavior. Always pay attention to your gut—if something feels wrong, this probably is usually. You should also inform a friend or perhaps family member in which you’re going for your first few days and consider telling them to call up 911 if you believe threatened.

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