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Melchizedek, Your order of one’s Blue Rose together with Magdalene Ancestry

Melchizedek, Your order of one’s Blue Rose together with Magdalene Ancestry

The latest Solar Lord Melchizedek is one whom oversees the brand new Christed trend from white -as development trend

Since i going my travels into Purchase out-of Melchizedek, The fresh new Magdalene, therefore the Flower Cardiovascular system Descent of your own Divine Mom, I’ve had endless inquiries, just like the I am aware each one of you have as well. Earlier Used to do a chat towards root of one’s mystery schools, I considered it would provide me the opportunity to lookup and discover more and more the latest connectivity between your secret schools of your Deity theories and secret schools away from ancient Egypt and you will Greece in addition to their link with The transaction of Melchizedek. I found myself able to patch together a better understanding of the newest reputation of this new puzzle colleges, however, around stayed questions for me personally, issues of the so much more ancient background and roots of those lessons, thus shortly after days and days regarding creating and you may contrasting, We sat from the silence and asked all the questions We nevertheless had inside my cardiovascular system and this refers to the clear answer I obtained regarding the Brotherhood out-of Light.

He’s called forth an excellent number of cutting-edge beings so you’re able to help him contained in this performs, Avatars because you do discover them, ascended completely. However expose the fresh temple build within your body and you may the brand new schedules out of breath you to expose the fresh new configurations regarding the light system. Because this forehead is made within your body the procedure of ascension is actually totally understood on real mode.

He has got began the newest performs up on the fresh new earthly simple, that the Christ construction regarding light tends to be completely embellished to your the minds off humankind

Inside the eons previous extensions of one’s really works of your Melchizedek Acquisition was basically place on the environment, temples that would resurrect the newest light muscles out-of old. One expansion would be the New Magdalene Order-Your order of the Bluish Flower. It had been built to help in which improvement mankind thanks to the opening and you may attenuation of the cardio powers.

This new blue flower try symbolic of the newest advanced experience desee para perros opiniones citas with the latest heart energies. Your order of Bluish Flower is certainly one eg subset out of the Melchizedek lessons one helps with the awakening regarding humankind as a consequence of the fresh new theories of the heart. The newest Magdalene Purchase is an ancient passage through of the female similar of your Christ structure and you will aligns on the lessons of your Christed framework. I rekindled that flames, long-past identified about times of Lemuria and you may Atlantis whenever I first started the newest organizations in the world throughout the days one observed the new flooding regarding Atlantis. I place on the heart away from humankind a bluish Rose Buy, led from the Magdalene lineage. It had been an enigmatic community identified merely to the few just who create discovered these teachings of center and you may have been worthy to bring the latest light out-of redemption. A flower providers as such you to definitely says its roots on entire world Venus, the fresh land of bluish beam white and you may center starting suggests.

The latest bluish flower grew good through to the flatlands out of Venus, though through the years that from a lower life expectancy skill which needed maybe not the methods from realities chose a route off dark that infiltrated and you will was the cause of passing of one’s Venusian world. I found myself a leader certainly boys at that lay and you may place go out. Of several temples into the Venusian Queen out of Paradise, the latest Aphrodite one to, was indeed centered right here. This new temples here glowed with a keen indigo blue color, it aligned those who sought entry toward highest areas and you may advanced training and insights.

I came through this Venusian celebrity-entrance and you may landed towards earthly plains to simply help rigor and you can strength into the subhuman forms who were within their infancy in the the eons of your time earlier in the day. I prolonged my hand every single and you will oriented facilities regarding understanding right here the knowledge and information imparted in the temples regarding that i had already been tends to be mutual once more with this newly formed society out of humankind. This type of stores was available to all the that would find the fresh new cutting-edge different white, they contained inside them much studies, directed owing to imagine models together with beginning of the third eyes. The indigo blue light went solid during these temples. We began new run the world that the consciousness out of mankind get wake up completely for the Christed function and you can get full experience with their genuine and you will divine form.