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The way to get a Visa for Your Thai Wife to Visit the United States

If you are a Citizen of the us and have a Thai better half or partner who would like to go to you in the United States as a tourist, then it is important that she get the correct australian visa. This is a thailand wife cost sophisticated process and requires a great deal of planning and support. It is essential that your Thai girl gets a seasoned attorney to aid her with the visa app and interview process.

How to Get a Tourist Australian visa for Your Thai Wife

The first step in getting a tourist visa for your Thai better half is to data file the DS-160 online and pay the embassy service charge. Once the application is processed, you will get an appointment page to attend the visa interview at the U. Ings. embassy or perhaps consulate nearby to your residence. The embassy or représentation will provide you with the day and time of the interview and a checklist of things that must be published to the visa officer on the interview.

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You must also contain a current and everything old given, a branded copy of the DS-160 affirmation webpage, one photo taken within the last six months and your primary visa cost payment invoice. The application is certainly not recognized without all these documents.

Some other key area of the process is always to arrange a job interview at the United states of america embassy or représentation in Bangkok. The visa officer may ask you questions about your financial status, employment history and family links to Asia. These are a number of the most crucial factors that immigration officers will take into account the moment deciding if to grant a tourist visa for your Thai wife or fiancee.

If the embassy or consulate cannot provide an interview, you should contact a local Thai représentation for assistance. You can also hire another national surviving in Thailand to do something as your translator at the interview. This can be a superb help and will ensure that the interview goes efficiently.

Finding the Right Visa for australia for Your Thai Wife

There are several types of visas you can obtain in order to bring your Thai partner or fiancee to the United states of america. These include the CR1 spouse visa, the IR1 spouse visa plus the K-3 spouse visa.

CR1 Spouse Visa

If your Thai wife or fiancee is coming to the United States for the purpose of matrimony, then she’ll need a CR1 spouse visa for australia. This type of australian visa will allow her to enter the United States being a conditional everlasting resident and will scholarhip her an environmentally friendly greeting card. She will be allowed to work in the US and will experience a 10-year green card.

IR1 Other half Visa

When you are married to your Thai wife and want her to enter the United States as a permanent homeowner, then you definitely will will need an IR1 spouse visa. This is a far longer and more sophisticated process compared to a tourist australian visa, but will give your wife everlasting residency in the usa.

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