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Big Data Techniques

Big data technologies allow businesses to make quicker and more informed business decisions, which result in more efficient marketing, advertising, customer service and other actions that result in more revenue and profit. Businesses that use big-data effectively can gain insights about their customers and design customized marketing campaigns to engage …

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A brief history of Jumping Over a Broom at Marriage

Jumping on the broom by wedding can be an often-forgotten tradition that can be incorporated into a large number of cultures’ marriage ceremony traditions. Unlike handfasting ceremonies, awesome the mug or marriage mehndi, getting over a broom is a relatively inconspicuous wedding custom that will add a specific element …

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Ways to Be a Respectful and Empowering Interracial Partner

Interracial female friends have a unique set of strains that can produce their interactions more complex. This includes race, ethnic differences and social biases. They also deal with a lot of pressure from other families and other people who might not exactly understand or perhaps appreciate their marriage. Interracial dating …

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